Uniting people to protect the planet.


One Earth harnesses the power of marketing to help shape a sustainable future. We created a new communications model that shifts consumer marketing to sustainable. The model in practice integrates psychology, best practice sustainability, CSR, EPR and marketing. 

One Earth has four core services, wellness workshops, sustainable strategies, content with purpose and eco social media.

The future is either sustainable or non-existent. Changing the way we communicate is the first step of environmental change.


Current campaign

Plastics For Change


Plastics For Change has developed an ethical sourcing platform to create sustainable livelihoods for the urban poor, while transitioning the industry towards a circular economy. Our deal process and mobile platform provides wastepickers with access to fair & consistent income opportunities.

Similar to fair trade agriculture, our platform creates transparency and accountability from the base of the supply chain to the store shelf. This results in more efficient shared-value chains and  higher quality recycled plastic. We provide expertise to help catalyze brands and manufacturers to replace the use of virgin plastic with ethically sourced recycled plastic, thereby immediately improving the social and environmental impact of their products.

One Earth manages daily marketing activities for the company. This includes photography, video production, public relations, website / SEO, content creation and social media management


Mia has an incredible ability to attract opportunities by connecting with people and transferring enthusiasm about her work. Mia’s passion for reducing plastic pollution is ferocious, she has made addressing this grand challenge her major definite purpose. This has made her a perfect fit with the Plastics For Change team.  Her work has helped to successfully engage in meaningful relationships with industry partners in India and effectively change mindsets. Mia showed excellent communication skills and consistently exceeded marketing expectations. She’s enthusiastic and her positive attitude has helped to shape our corporate culture.

Andrew Almack - Plastics for Change

Mia is one of the best people I've had the pleasure of working with. She has an extraordinary strength of character, amazing resolve to genuinely give all her talent/skills to make our planet a little bit better. She goes the extra mile in all that she does and is a great leader in setting a culture of kindness and respect with colleagues. She's an amazing addition to the PFC team and we're so lucky to have her.

Shifrah Jacobs - United Nations / Plastics For Change

Mia is an absolute superstar, her positive energy and inquisitive nature has given The Hunger Project great confidence in her ability to deliver. Her adaptability and collaborative nature makes for a great team player. To top it off, her values and character is incredible for a young person. I along with anyone in our team would recommend Mia in a heartbeat

Aldrich Obatch - The Hunger Project

It was clear from the beginning this young lady was a ‘shining star’ in the making with a bright, energetic and passionate personality. Mia truly ‘walks her talk’ and is always thinking outside the box. She has an unrelenting and burning desire to shape a better world for our future ahead. As a young and confident humanitarian, she has journeyed across various parts of the globe, building community connections and achieving huge success in her passion-driven marketing work. She is a marketing gun and will transform your strategy into a meaningful and revenue-driving force you will never forget.

Dr Alfie Arcidiacono - Enrich Life